We get by with a little help from our friends, right? We’d like to introduce you to a gentleman whose been a tremendous supporter of us here at Big Rig Media. Meet Randy Hendrickson, CEO & Founder of Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group (www.1horizon.com). Horizon provides a 360 degree suite of services to the outdoor hospitality industry including brokerage services, resort feasibility & development services and third party management services that combine to cover the entire lifecycle of outdoor hospitality assets. You’ll learn more about Randy and his firm in the feature below.

Outsourcing your park management:
It may be right for you.

Let’s face it, managing a high-performance RV property can be challenging, let alone several. Operations, staff, facilities, marketing, accounting are just a few of the items filling up your daily to-do list.

It’s one of the reasons professional RV park management companies exist. If you’re not familiar with these turnkey management services, it’s exactly as it sounds: a proven team with a deep track record of success takes full responsibility for every aspect of the successful management and growth of the park(s).

It’s a compelling consideration for many ownership situations; generational ownership with incumbents wanting to remain absentee, single-property owner expanding to multiple property ownership, a desire for current owners to ease out of the day-to-day or for equity firms new to the industry that know the value of entrusting the management of their assets to proven professionals.

We’d like to introduce you to the best in the business, Randy Hendrickson, CEO & Founder of Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group.

It’s likely you’ve already heard Randy’s name. A 30+ year industry veteran, Randy has managed multiple multi-property operations throughout the U.S., authored many articles on the state of the industry, is a regular speaker at industry events, and served on the board of two state ARVC associations (including his current capacity as President of CalARVC and director on the Camp-California Board).

In 2003, Randy founded Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to the industry, including third party management services. The Horizon team is made up of the industry’s top performers and provides a hands-on, highly-personalized solution for the turnkey management of client properties. Clients include parks, resorts and campgrounds of every size and category throughout the U.S.

When done right, turning over the management responsibilities to proven professionals isn’t an expense, it’s an investment that will improve operations, enhance the guest experience and provide predictable financial performance with a definite ROI.

Outsourced park management may be a good fit for your growth plans. Learn more about Horizon’s turnkey management services: 1horizon.com

Randy Hendrickson | CEO & Founder Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Management
Randy Hendrickson, CEO & Founder
Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group

Strategic Partner Feature: Horizon Outdoor Hospitality Group

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